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Commerce Way TS:

Woodstock Hydro and Hydro One Networks will share a new 80 MW transformer station now under construction at Commerce Way and Parkinson Road in Woodstock. Several new feeders will be constructed to connect existing distribution conductors to the new transformer station. The new station is expected to be capable of supplying power to Woodstock and area by late 2012.

Catherine and Albert Street Rebuild:

Aging 4 KV overhead equipment will be converted to 27 KV, including conductor and transformer replacements. This rebuild will support the eventual removal of another 4KV substation located on Parkinson Road.

F 8-22 Removal:

Aging 4 KV plant will be converted to 27 KV, including poles, conductors, transformers and customer service extensions. One 4 KV circuit (F8-22) will be removed when completed, leaving two remaining 4 KV circuits at the Municipal Substation MS 8.

White and South Alley Rebuild:

The City of Woodstock works department is planning storm sewer and resurfacing replacement of all downtown alleyways over the next three years. To ensure we do not damage their work in the future, we will complete primary and secondary equipment replacement of our own, working in cooperation with their crews and contractors.  We will also encourage business owners to take advantage of this project by upgrading their own equipment.

Dundas Street East replacement and Long Term Load Transfer elimination:

This project will support two mandates, the first being a 27 KV loop supply between the new Commerce Way TS and existing Woodstock TS. The second initiative relates to an OEB requirement to eliminate metered load transfers in the Province by 2014. Over the past several years, we have eliminated all LTLT connections with the exception of a few along Dundas Street east. We will finalize our LTLT removal with the OEB this year, two years ahead of the imposed deadline.

Please feel free to call us should you have any questions about these or other unplanned improvements as they may arise.

Woodstock Hydro Capital Projects 2012 Map (PDF)