Customer Care

There are several options available to make paying your utility bill as convenient as possible. Select any of these options by emailing us, stating the method of payment.


Pre-Authorized Budget Payment Plan

The customer is billed equal monthly amounts from September to July based on one - twelfth of the estimated annual electric consumption [ ... ]

Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

The customer authorizes Woodstock Hydro to remove the amount owing for electric consumption from a designated bank or trust company account on the regular due date [ ... ]

Credit Card Payment

You can choose to pay your bill using your Credit Card. Simply click on the link on our home page on this website, and it will take you directly to the credit card payment function. Please note that Paymentus charges a service fee for paying bills using this service.  This fee will be added to the amount you are paying and the total will appear on your Credit Card statement.

If you choose you can pay over the phone using your credit card by dialing 1-866-429-8908.


A convenient payment option is Money Gram.  Money gram is a money transfer service that lets you safely and quickly pay bills using cash or debit card from certain Canada Post or grocery store locations.  Canada Post or the grocery store will charge a fee for this money transfer service.  A same day payment costs $9.99 and a next day bill payment cost $3.99. 


Traditional Billing
If you choose to receive a paper bill in the mail, the balance owing on your account must be paid on or before the due date.



Residential Alternate Due Date


The customer chooses either the 1st or the 20th of each month for their due date.  Open to residential customers only.  Once the Alternate Due Date is selected, this will become the permanent monthly due date and may not be changed.