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Take Control of Your Electricity Consumption with My Hydro Eye...

My Hydro Eye is Woodstock Hydro's online time-of-use household/small business consumption management tool.

Woodstock Hydro has launched the My Hydro Eye online tool to help our customers track electricity use hourly, daily and monthly.  By understanding your family's patterns and usage profile, you can make positive changes - shift consumption to off peak periods, set targets to reduce consumption in all usage periods, and save money and the environment!  You can even use the temperature line to see the impact of extreme heat and cold on your consumption.

  • Access time-of-use information organized into hourly, daily, or monthly views.
  • Compare your consumption costs between time-of-use pricing and the regulated price plan approach that used to apply (customers can save money under the time-of-use approach!)
  • View the time-of-use pricing and timing structure on the information pages.
Click here for detailed instructions on how to set-up a My Hydro Eye Account (pdf)